At Greenteriors we believe it is important to share the important information that supports our work. The articles below discuss Biophilic Design and the related benefits, among other information about the amazing benefits associated with live plants.


Are you curious how Biophilic Design can provide a return on investment for your industry? Contact us to learn how we can improve your guest experience and increase spend volume by your customers using our Living Plant Wall designs!

Biophilic Design creates healthier, happier and more productive employees. Whether working from home or the office, integrating biophilia has a proven return. Read more here.

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Guests are willing to pay up to 20% more for rooms with Biophilic Design elements and exposure to nature. Read more here.


Up to 20% reduced stress and anxiety in the home and workplace with living plants. Improved cognitive function, creativity and productivity. Read more here.

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Learn about NASA's research project completed in 1989 using common house plants to battle indoor pollutants and VOCs. A study that has supported the growth of the Biophilic Design revolution. Read more here.