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Living Walls, Green Facades, & Green Roofs

Working globally.

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A Living Wall, also referred to as a vertical garden or green wall, is a system that allows plants to grow vertically affixed to an indoor or outdoor wall.

There are many different living wall system types and manufacturers/brands available. Greenteriors works with the world’s most trusted manufacturers, this allows us to ensure successful projects.

Benefits associated with living walls include improved air quality, improved acoustics, improved health, reduced stress & anxiety, brand elevation and more.

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A Green Façade, similar to a living wall, is the use of climbing/vining plants combined with wires, grates, or mesh to allow the plants to grow within them over time. Green Facades require the plants be planted at the base either in the ground or planters at specified heights.

Benefits of Green Facades include biodiversity, reduced heating & air-conditioning costs, shade & privacy, and improved acoustics.

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A Green Roof is a covering of live vegetation on top of a building.

Extensive and Intensive Green Roofs offer benefits including storm water retention, biodiversity, significant heating & air-conditioning savings, and improved workplace wellness.

Greenteriors works with the world’s most experienced Green Roof manufacturers and installers to ensure project success.

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