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Custom Installations

Custom Green Infrastructure installations can be integrated to existing and new-build projects. There are many factors to consider such as structural support, plumbing for irrigation, electrical supply for pumps and lighting, plant species selection/design and ongoing maintenance requirements. Whether interior or exterior, commercial or residential, my specialized expertise allows thoughtful and intentional support to your project or portfolio at any phase.


I guide you and your clients to make educated decisions about what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, preventing unforeseen costs down the road. Understanding specific site conditions allows me to propose multiple solutions while meeting a range of budgets.


Learn more about my adaptable services here. It all starts with a complimentary discovery call - Book now.

Drip Irrigation


Track lighting living wall


Living Wall plants

Plant Selection + Design

Living Wall maintenance scissor lift


Custom Installation Examples

Each of these projects required expertise in design planning to ensure their immediate and long-term success.

Urban Agriulture

Urban Agriculture

Urbanization has brought over 50% of the world’s population to live in cities, this naturally increases the need for food to be produced in these areas. Urban Agriculture is a fantastic way to create educational programs, build community, and address ongoing issues such as food security, urban heat island effect, and biodiversity.


Using engineered plant systems such as a green roof or living wall, we can plant many types of edibles such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, lettuces, berries - almost anything you can imagine. This creates an immediate access to foods in our urban areas where they can either be sold or donated to local restaurants and communities.

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