What is Green Infrastructure?


Green Infrastructure is the practice of integrating live plants to our built environments using engineered systems. These systems include living walls, green roofs, green facades and other custom plant-focussed projects.

At Greenteriors we specialized in the manufactured systems, installers, and maintenance crews that bring these unique installations to life. Our consulting, design and project management services take the guesswork out of what can be an intimidating and overwhelming learning and implementation process.

The Benefits of Plants, Multiplied.

Everybody knows that plants enhance our lives, but are we really aware of the benefits they offer? The practice of Green Infrastructure allows our clients to capitalize on the benefits of live plants.


There are endless physical, mental, environmental and economic benefits that you get from adding live plants to your space. Whether you are looking to improve your home or work space, plants are always the answer.

When we discuss the benefits of plants, this information comes from studies that add just a few (1-10) plants to a space. Imagine what happens when you add a living wall that holds hundreds of plants! The benefits are increased exponentially.

Economically speaking, there are many ways to achieve a return on investment with the addition of a living wall, green roof or plant installation to your space.


In the office, there is up to 53% increase in attracting and retaining quality employees with a reduced use of sick days. This can skyrocket your business operations and reduce employee turnover costs significantly.

Moss Wall.jpg

In retail, customers are likely to pay up to 20% more for products. The perception of a higher quality of life associated with plantscapes encourages guests to pay up to 23% more for rental rooms, and up to 12% more when purchasing real estate.

The soft leaves of plants absorb sound vibrations, resulting in sound attenuation (soundproofing) qualities. This major benefit helps to quiet the sounds of our busy cities with exterior living walls, green roofs and green facades.


Plants also absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are gasses that are emitted into the air from common products. These products include fabrics, plastics, cleaning products, wall paint, furniture, and many other household and office items. Yuck! Improved indoor air quality from plants allows humans to be healthier and happier.


Plants and nature boost our sense of wellbeing by 15%, this is why we have the natural urge to seek forests, beaches, oceans and other beautiful places.


Living walls allow us to bring nature indoors resulting in 6% increased productivity and staff output, 15% increased creativity, 15% reduced stress and anxiety, and much more!

Reduced SBS symptoms by up to 40% - Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) describes the common and acute symptoms we experience from time spent in unhealthy buildings. These symptoms include dry itchy eyes and skin, fatigue, headache, dizziness, and cold/flu-like symptoms. Studies have shown that adding plants to an office space can reduce SBS, in turn resulting in happier healthier employees using 53% less sick days.


Views of biophilic features (plants) increase focus, energy levels, and feelings of vitality. Patients in recovery rooms with plants, or even just a view of plants, have accelerated healing times.