Benefits of Living Plant Walls

Biophilia is defined as our innate tendency to connect with nature.

Biophilic Design is the integration of natural elements to our built environments.

The practice of Biophilic Design has been proven to support psychological, physiological, economical and environmental benefits. 

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  • 20% reduced stress + anxiety

  • Improved sense of well-being

  • ​Increased attentiveness + memory


  • Reduced heating + air-conditioning costs

  • 20% improved focus, creativity + productivity

  • ​Fewer employee sick days, increased employee retention


  • Stormwater retention + management

  • Reduced Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect

  • ​Improved biodiversity (the birds + the bees)


  • Accelerated healing times

  • Improved air quality + humidity

  • Reduced Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) symptoms

Moss Wall.jpg