our story

founded in 2016 in Hamilton, Ontario Grenteriors first project was re-planting an expired living wall at Moksha Yoga in Dundas. it was quickly realized that all of the plants had died due to poor project planning, and was eventually replaced by a chalkboard (yes, a chalkboard.) it was then that Greenteriors determined it's mission would be to work cooperatively with green infrastructure industry professionals to design successful projects.

Greenteriors founder, Amanda has diligently worked to develop a network of trusted professionals aligning herself with those that share the same passion and vision for the industry. in 2019 Greenteriors expanded to Vancouver, B.C. officially offering our services Canada wide!

Amanda Matfin, Founder
Green Infrastructure Design Consultant


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did you know that Amanda offers b2b marketing, public relations, and business development services to established green infrastructure companies?