Working globally


Greenteriors operates non-competitively to support all living wall manufacturers, or brands, alike. We first take a high-level approach to determine the precise needs of each unique project and then design and plan appropriately to specify our recommended living wall system. The many hydroponic and soil-based living wall systems vary so it is important to ensure the proper system is installed. Not all living wall systems will be successful in all spaces. Structural support, irrigation, lighting, and maintenance access are key components during concept development.

We work with architects, interior designers, and business owners alike on commercial and residential projects. Our global network includes manufacturers, contractors, engineers, plant nurseries, maintenance crews and other professionals. We focus on contracting local companies to support economic growth in the community and create jobs within.

We take pride in managing client expectations. Discussing the realities of living wall projects is important to ensure the client is aware of all requirements to achieve success. A living wall is a long-term commitment that requires ongoing maintenance for optimal success. Greenteriors has over 100 satisfied clients to date including RedBull, Stackt Properties, WSC Financial Solutions, Timberland, Core Urban Developments, and Steel City Studios.

Greenteriors has been featured in Look Local Magazine, The Local Advocate, and Hamilton Magazine. 



A few of the values Greenteriors is rooted from.


Living architecture projects are long term relationships. We pride ourselves in managing client expectations.


Not all projects need to be grand to be impactful. We propose what is needed for our clients and their space, and nothing more.


At Greenteriors we believe supporting local economies is important for the growth of communities by creating jobs within.


We dedicate ourselves to our clients and their projects. We stand firmly behind the brands and professionals we work with.



Amanda graduated from Sheridan College with an Advanced Diploma in Advertising. She has received a certificate in Business Management from Mohawk College alongside a certificate in Project Management from Sheridan College.

An avid adventurer and passionate rock climber with an admiration for the Pacific North West, Amanda’s understanding of the healing power of nature is her primary drive behind Greenteriors. She aims to bring contentment and relaxation to her client’s indoor spaces and blur the lines between nature and urbanicity.

Previously victim to cubicles, fluorescent lights, and artificial plants Amanda knew that bringing nature indoors would vastly improve the mental and physical health of company employees. Drawn from work experience in mental health, hospitality, and advertising inspired her to improve workplace wellness.

Amanda continues to hone her skills in business development to support the growth of Greenteriors. She keeps up to speed on industry trends in an evolving market and building Greenteriors network of industry professionals.