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We design, consult, and manage living architecture projects.

Greenteriors offers desing planning, project management, and education services to support the growth of the living architecture industry cooperatively.

At Greenteriors we recognize the need to provide architects, interiors designers, and business owners with the proper tools to plan and install successful projects. Not all living architecture technologies are the same, nor are the interior and exterior climates they are designed for.

Greenteriors brings cohesion to the living architecture industry. We do this by working with preferred manufacturers, dealers, installers, and maintenance crews to ensure the proper system, plants, and care plan are considered for your unique project.



Do you manufacture living wall, green roof, or green facade technologies?

Greenteriors is always looking to grow our network of industry professionals to offer our clients quality products. We'd love to hear more about your organization to explore synergies.



To progressively advance the living wall industry to improve our environments, economies, and quality of life globally.



To empower architects & interior designers with the tools to design successful living wall projects. To elevate spaces through the integration of plants.



Living Walls, Green Roofs, & Green Facades.

Living Architecture is a term used to describe the integration of living walls, green roofs, and green facades to new and existing buildings. Innovative technologies allow living plants to create impressionable designs that are built to last. Similar industry terms you may see include green architecture, green construction, and living infrastructure.

Living Architecture offer environmental, economic, and health benefits.

Whether interior or exterior Living Architecture installations are successful only when planned, designed, installed, and maintained properly.


"It seems to me we look at nature too much, and live with her too little."

- Oscar Wilde