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Green Infrastructure (done right).

Consulting, design, and project management services that focus on successful projects and satisfied clients.

Green Infrastructure is the practice of integrating engineered plant systems to architectural projects. These systems include living walls, green roofs, green facades and other custom installations.

Greenteriors is a service-based business built on a foundation of collaboration, rather than competition, with a mission to enhance our quality of life and environments through the integration of live plants to urban spaces.

Successful projects with satisfied clients.

Consulting, Design, and Project Management services for your project or portfolio. A collaborative approach where multiple Green Infrastructure solutions are brought to the table, allowing you to make an educated decision.

Spa Living Wall



Custom Installations

Consult, design, execute, manage.

Whether interior or exterior, commercial or residential, my specialized expertise allows thoughtful and intentional support to your project or portfolio at any phase. I guide you and your clients to make educated decisions about what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, preventing unforeseen costs down the road.

Prefabricated Products

Stand out with ease with all-in-one living wall units.

Ready-made units shipped right to your door. single or double sided, mobile or stationary, herbs or traditional plants, natural or supplemental lighting - there is a prefab product that is right for you.

Roof top garden.jpg

Urban Agriculture

Bringing farms into our cities.

Taking the intent of green infrastructure to the next level. In densely populated areas we can take advantage of available space on roofs and terraces to grow vegetables and herbs. We can use tailored living wall technologies to grow lettuces, herb and other edibles vertically.


Curated biophilic products for the home and office.

Working with local and International designers, our shop will feature attainable products celebrating nature and it's benefits. Coming soon.

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The girl behind the green.

Since 2016 I’ve combined my education, professional experience and personal passions to build my niche company, Greenteriors. My mission is to enhance our quality of life and environments through the integration of live plants to our built environments.

About Amanda

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