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greenteriors is a green infrastructure

design / contract agency.

living walls

green roofs

green facades

preserved moss

+ custom

greenteriors works with all trusted manufacturers, suppliers, installers, maintenance crews, and other industry professionals to encourage the growth of the green infrastructure industry as a whole.

we design plan.

we work with architects, interior designers, and business owners alike to design and specify green infrastructure systems. no matter the location of your firm or project, greenteriors can help.

once scope is determined greenteriors will present high-level project costs and a fee proposal, tailored to your projects needs.

our desing planning services cover everything from structural requirements, plumbing, supplemental lighting, plant selection, maintenance and more.

we manage projects.

beyond desing planning, greenteriors will manage all areas of the project from execution to close.

our full-service project management includes procurement, cost, scheduling, quality, resource, communications, risk, and stakeholder management as they pertain to your green infrastructure project.

we contract.

part and parcel to our project management services are greenteriors contracting of required manufacturers, engineers, construction professionals, tradespeople, and maintenance crews.

we piece together the ideal team of professionals to bring your successful project to fruition.

we educate.

greenteriors will provide your design team with the tools to pitch green infrastructure products to your clients.


understanding the many moving components of living walls, green roofs, and green facades can be intimidating. the fundamentals of green infrastructure are discussed with real project examples, best practices, and what to watch out for.

where can green infrastructure be applied?

indoor / outdoor        commercial / residential       new construction / retro-fit

- retail

- recreation

- hospitality

- boutique design

- parking garages

- health + wellness studios

- multi-residential

- workplace

- restaurant

- healthcare offices

- parks & public spaces


no matter how large or small there is always an opportunity to integrate green infrastructure technology.

visit our portfolio + inspiration page to learn more about green infrastructure applications.

benefits of green infrastructure for our cities, urban spaces, and lives.
built environment

the development of our cities calls for intentional design with our environment as the primary stakeholder.

- reduced Urban Heat Island effect

- building envelope protection

- bidovierstiy

- interior thermal control

- carbon sequestration

- sound dampening

mental & physical health

the fragility of our health has a direct impact on our daily lives. the integration of plants can significantly improve the workplace and home.

- improved employee retention

- reduced Sick Building Syndrome

- improved sleep

- reduced stress & anxiety

- improved focus & creativity

- tranquility

visit our benefits page for articles, videos, and content around the many benefits of green infrastructure.